My BFF Monkey The Bungee Dog Toy


Stylish toy with squeaker and durable texture for your dog to enjoy. Great snuggle companion!

Why we love it: 

  • Soft and strechy plush toy
  • Unique design: My BFF Monkey Bungee Dog Toy
  • Simple and clean look
  • Squeaker inside

Sizing Approximately:

  • 18"x 5"

Advice: Pets should be supervised while playing with this toy and please remove all labels before giving it to your pet. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dog loves it — maybe a little too much

I had the Nandog cherries that lasted for 1.5 years — longer than 99% of the stuffed toys that my mini doxie marred. I had high hopes for this since it's a similar concept and feels as high quality as the previous toy. Unfortunately, our doxie was able to pull at the threads and get into the stuffing within the hour.

Maybe ours was a fluke since we ordered it from Amazon?

Bungee Bridge Builder!!

The Bungee Monkey is helping settle household squabbles over the same toy. We have a new puppy and a 14 year old terrier who each want whatever the other has. The new Bungee Monkey was an hysterical solution — each was pulling on the same toy and it was a fun game! The Bungee Monkey Is exceptionally well made — as is everything we have tried from Nandog — and I expect will last longer than most other toys. The designs are fun, the quality cannot be beat and my dogs are enjoying the new toys! Bungee Monkey is a new favorite! Wish I had a video to share — it was so funny to watch!

My pups bestie

My mom got her grand pup this monkey for Christmas last year and almost a year later it’s still her favorite!! She loves to greet us with this in her mouth when we come home, which is adorable!
She has managed to get the stuffing out of the body and remove one limb, but other than that it’s still going strong!!!

Suzanne Orban-Stagle
Calling all dogs bored with toys!

If you are a French Bulldog bored with all the stuffies or chewies or whatever in your toy bin, you have to get the bungee monkey!
Nothing better than grabbing the stuffy body and shaking your head so rapidly the legs slap around your skull! Sure there is the common tug with a pal but the best is the flapping!
Your humans think it is hysterical and watch with joy!
Pass the word, you NEED this in your Holiday stocking!