Dog Car Seat Quilted - Small/Light Gray

  • Safety Hook and Seat Belt Straps 
  • Soft and cuddly fabric material 
  • Simple and clean look
  • The sophisticated look goes well with any Car 
  • Filled with natural poly fiber
  • Increase the safety of your Dog while in the car.
*This product must be used with a harness


Let your dog ride in style with Nandog’s Gray Car Seat Bed. Your dog will love the quilted micro plush material. You will feel at ease knowing he or she is safely tucked away with the safety hook and seat belt straps. The dark gray color scheme offers an air of sophistication to your car. 

The bed provides amazing comfort for your dog with the natural poly fiberfill. And beyond the comfort and ease for your dog, it ensures a safe ride for your best friend.

Exterior Measurements 20" x 16" in

Interior Measurements 14" x 12" in

Machine Washable & Dryable

total wash™️


We love our new car seat!

Lora loves her new car seat! It is very comfortable and it looks sooo good!

How to set up your new car seat

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

I cancel the order after 5 minutes because of delivery address issue but they still deliver but I didn’t get and they still charge me for that what a joke?
I canceled the order by call in and lady who answered my phone confirmed that it is now canceled so how come I still got charge and delivered somewhere that I can’t get

Carlos Javier Ramirez

very good quality

So much prettier in person!

This bed is gorgeous! The bling is perfect, color is beautiful and it’s so soft my dogs don’t want to leave it. They literally fight when they get in the car.

Melissa Drysdale
Car trip calm

Drove 7 hours with 2 nervous car dogs. Both curled up in their own bed strapped into the back seat. Thank you Nandog!

A car seat my dog finally loves

My new rescue is anxious and tries to climb out of every car seat I've tried. The nandog car seat looked so cozy and like his bed, so I was hoping he would feel more comfortable in it. He was so much more relaxed and didn't try to climb out once. It so soft and cozy. 10/10 would recommend.