Cloud 2.0 Reversible Dog & Cat Bed - Chinchilla

  • Utilizes both sides for maximum hygiene 
  • Cloud soft like fabric material 
  • Double stitching tear strength
  • The sophisticated look goes well with home decor
  • Filled with extra soft poly fiber  

Elegant simplicity is the key to Nandog’s Reversible Dog and Cat Bed. The modern design announces its sophistication with understatement. No need for loud declarations of importance. The micro plush fabric envelops your dog or cat in comfort. The reversible material allows you flexibility with general cleaning and upkeep.

This dog or cat bed will go with any home color and décor scheme. Simple, clean, and an ideal den for your dog or cat. Give your dog or cat the gift of modern elegance and sophistication. Give yourself the gift of simplicity and ease of cleaning your dog or cat’s home.

Exterior Measurements 25" x 20"in

Interior Measurements 18" x 14"in

Machine Washable & Dryable

total wash™️


Is the Nandog Cloud 2.0 dog bed the right fit for my dog?

The Nandog Cloud 2.0 dog bed, sized at 25 x 22 inches, is perfect for small to medium-sized breeds. It offers cozy comfort tailored to these furry companions. Among the breeds that would find ample space and comfort in this bed are: French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Miniature Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds (both Miniature and Standard), Beagles, and Yorkshire Terriers. With its snug dimensions, the Cloud bed ensures a peaceful resting spot for your beloved family member.

What type of material is used in the Nandog Cloud dog bed?

The Nandog Cloud bed boasts advanced micro-plush, an ultra-soft fabric that ensures unparalleled comfort for your furry friend. This luxurious material, combined with its filling of extra soft recycled polyester fiber, offers both durability and plushness, providing your pet with a cozy resting spot. The fabric is so irresistibly soft that you, as a pet mom or dad, may find yourself tempted to join your beloved pet for some quality snuggle time. It's a testament to the bed's exceptional comfort and quality

Is the Nandog Cloud bed suitable for older dogs or pets with joint issues?

The Nandog Cloud bed is an excellent choice for dogs with joint issues or seniors experiencing discomfort. Its advanced micro-plush polyester fabric, coupled with the extra soft recycled polyester fiber filling, provides exceptional support and cushioning. This combination offers great relief for dogs with arthritis or joint pain, as it gently cradles their body and alleviates pressure points during rest. The bed's design ensures that your furry companion can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep, promoting overall well-being and relaxation, especially for pets with special needs.

Can I wash the Nandog Cloud bed?

The Nandog Cloud bed is a single-piece dog bed designed with convenience and hygiene in mind. Crafted from premium Nandog Cloud fabric and featuring double-stitched seams, this bed is built to withstand regular washing for maximum cleanliness. You can easily toss the entire bed into the washing machine and dryer without worry, thanks to its durable construction. This ensures that your pet's bed stays fresh and clean, promoting a healthy sleeping environment for your furry friend

Will my pet enjoy the Nandog Cloud bed?

We're confident that your pet will absolutely love their Nandog Cloud bed, and we stand behind this belief with our 100-day & night sleep trial. During this trial period, if you or your pet are not completely satisfied with the bed for any reason, you can return it with no questions asked, and we'll cover the shipping costs for the return. Additionally, to further assure you of the quality and durability of our product, we offer a 1-year warranty against tears and defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Comfy zone

Nandog’s beds provide a comfy zone that my Max loves!

Danielle Cappello
Terrible Quality

Will not buy again

I love these dog beds!

Beautiful, well made, and so comfortable for my dog. She Loves it. It has just the right design that she is able to get cozy and lay her head on the edge.

The best quality

We love this bed and so does our pup.

sabine hugueny
Best dog bed ever!

This bed is what I was looking for. I ordered many from other companies that had to be returned. This one is finally the WHITE I wanted with the super comfort for my dog. I ordered three in white and they are keepers.