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I fell in love with Nandog’s products.
Lilly Beth loves the bed I bought her and now I ordered one more. Tried other beds but she will not lay down on it. Just a diva nothing but the best for lilly


I had an issue with the bundle because the harness I ordered was too small. Nandog made it easy to exchange the harness and get me another one. My order was also running late because they didn’t have the beds I ordered in stock. They called me what would I prefer instead and sent me that item without hesitation. The quality of Nandog items is amazing. I usually buy them in my local stores but I saw an awesome sale online and went for it. I currently own a basket full of Nandog toys, 6 dog beds, 4 car seats, two leashes and more. I was sent the paw wax, shampoo and spray as well. Love them. Also got **** bags and holders. The bundle is awesome and they work hard at resolving any issues. My dogs are in heaven when it comes to Nandog beds. They can’t live without them.


My cats absolutely love the crown beds! Great quality and super cute

Best dog bed EVER!

My dog LOVES this dog bed. It’s very comfortable. He lays his head on the side bolster — and the rest of the bolster cuddles his back. I swear he is napping more because the bed is so comfy.

Super cute, super soft, super crunchy

We keep calling grumpy a llama. He is bigger than we expected but a soft, fun, crinkly pal! Our 3 lb puppy enjoys dragging around and crinkling Grumpy!

Lily loves her new car seat!!

It’s a soft & comfortable as well as safe space for my new rescue dog!!! It looks amazing in my car!!

Favorite harness!

It’s a fantastic harness & it looks great!

Dog loves it — maybe a little too much

I had the Nandog cherries that lasted for 1.5 years — longer than 99% of the stuffed toys that my mini doxie marred. I had high hopes for this since it's a similar concept and feels as high quality as the previous toy. Unfortunately, our doxie was able to pull at the threads and get into the stuffing within the hour.

Maybe ours was a fluke since we ordered it from Amazon?

Great Customer Service

My bully loves these puzzle toys! The customer service is wonderful, they stand by their products!


Since the dogs were trying to ace the other ones out of the one old Nandog bed we have. I was glad to be able to give them each their own. They now can each love their own.

TJMax - 16 Roll Pack

These are great quality, I was fortunate to acquire this same item for $7.00.

Both dogs jump in!

Bungee Bridge Builder!!

The Bungee Monkey is helping settle household squabbles over the same toy. We have a new puppy and a 14 year old terrier who each want whatever the other has. The new Bungee Monkey was an hysterical solution — each was pulling on the same toy and it was a fun game! The Bungee Monkey Is exceptionally well made — as is everything we have tried from Nandog — and I expect will last longer than most other toys. The designs are fun, the quality cannot be beat and my dogs are enjoying the new toys! Bungee Monkey is a new favorite! Wish I had a video to share — it was so funny to watch!


I have not received my order and have no tracking information. I cannot get customer service to help me.

Indigo dream bed

Our miniature schnauzer immediately climbed into his NANDOG bed and totally relaxed, (not the norm for him). I ordered a small for curling up in the winter, and a larger bed so he can sprawl in the summer. Thank you!


Perfect Bed

The crown beds are a favorite at my house. The pups love cuddling in them. We have 8 dogs and the beds hold up really well! The Royal Blue is stunning! Great service and fast shipping.

Favorite Toy

Misty sleeps with one every night and takes it everywhere! Absolutely the best toy for poms since they love the crinkly body and it's light-weight enough for even a 5lb dog to take everywhere

Worth the Wait

I had to wait an extra week and a half to get my product but my pup loved it she wanted to sleep in it on it like it was a bed not a car seat. lol

These are my favorite leashes

I have several of them and they are very high quality. My favorite thing is that they have some built in 'give' to them so that when a dog pulls a bit, it is easier on them and on me. Additionally, the bright colors, especially the orange one, are very visible, which I need as I have a beautiful all-black pup who can be hard to see in low or evening light. The prices are also reasonable . Thank you! Libby, Molly & Harry

Color off

The bed itself is wonderful but the color on website vs what I got are vastly different. The color online is a coral pink where the color in person is a purple pink

Overall very nice bag!

Very high quality with attention to useful design features. Just wish that the walls and floor of the bag were a bit more reinforced so it wouldn't buckle when my dog is moving around.


No!! Not happy they ripped too fast..I’ve touched the poo 3 times .. I have to double the bags to pick up the poo. Love the color and the doggie faces.

Love this bed

It bigger than I expected and my dog is having the time of her life in it

good service

nandog stood by their product thank you