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I love these dog beds!

Beautiful, well made, and so comfortable for my dog. She Loves it. It has just the right design that she is able to get cozy and lay her head on the edge.

Great dog bed

We now have a small and large Nandog bed. Our dog loves it as it's soft and comfortable. We love it because it is one piece and easy to throw in the washer and dryer. Great product.

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sabine hugueny
Greatest dog bed EVER

I had been looking for a white dog bed for so long. Had to return so many. Then I found Nandog- bought 3. I was so happy to see that they were white and that the quality is exceptional. My search is over - these are keepers. BTW: My Maltese just loves this bed.

Great quality!

Super good quality and strong with the metal buckles. Looks stylish!

The best quality

We love this bed and so does our pup.

Sweet pineapple dreams

Lola had sweet pineapple dreams!

Best dog bed ever!

This bed is what I was looking for. I ordered many from other companies that had to be returned. This one is finally the WHITE I wanted with the super comfort for my dog. I ordered three in white and they are keepers.

The Tote Dog Carrier
Daniel Weber
Super fashionable and convenient!

This bag really worked out great for me. I can use to carry my little one and also for myself as you can barely notice is a dog carrier.

Great company, great products!

I had a concern about a product of Nandog Pet Gear. He is one years of age, but he is very aggressive with his toys. Nandog Pet Gear, and assured my concerns.THANK YOU ❣️

Great company great products

I had a concern about a product of Nandog that I purchased for our angelic pup, but they were immediately responsive. THANK YOU❣️

Blinge bed

I bought this bed for my 3 year old Havanese. She has a tendency to tear apart her beds that have the plush linings. In fact it took her less than an hour to tear apart a new bed. This bed with the smooth lining is just perfect for her.


I have bought so many dog beds I lost count. I got a NADOG bed and dogs actually preferred it over their other beds. That’s when I switched out the other beds to NANDOG.. It washes perfectly, wears great. BEST VALUE for the money.


I had the same bed but in small for my dog, and he grew out of it. He loves the big one! It's so comfortable and looks great in my car! Thank you!

Because the light grey was on backorder, the Nandog personally called to ask if I would like a different color or a refund. Picked a different color and they were so nice and packed in some extra goodies for my little guys. Amazing customer service!

My dog loves both of her nandog beds!

Cat friendly too!

I use this for my cat and she loves it. Sometimes we have to take a five hour drive to visit family with her and this is how we keep her cool. She never responded well to crates and this is the answer! The leash has enough slack for her to walk on the entire back seat but not enough that she can get to the floor which is perfect. She ends up curling up and sleeping in it anyway. I highly recommend for cat owners who have a tough time traveling with cats!

My dog loves her new bed! What else is there to say

Worst chew toy ever

My dog ate the fur off that chicken in 5 seconds

He loves it!

Found this bed at HomeSense and my dog still loves it!

Cloud beds are amazing

I have several of these beds! When I first got my babies were 8 weeks old neither one cried or wined at night. The bed is so soft they think they are sleeping with their siblings. So well made and I love that they are reversible. Can’t say enough about them!!! My babies get tired around 9:30 or 10:00 and they will go get in their beds on their own. As you can see in pics they have a blanket each and a Nandog toy.. Love your products so much…

Well made!

My puppy loves this car seat. Great material and very good quality. So glad I bought it.

Milk & Cookies

Our 17 lb shichon loves the Milk & Cookies as well as the Popcorn dog toys. There is a squeaky in each of the 2 cookies and the 3 popcorns and he enjoys digging them out of the milk and popcorn holders. Just the best toys ever!

Kathleen Gillett
I would review the product if it arrived

I’ve contacted this company several times without an answer. I gave the wrong address by one digit so the product was returned. I have tried several times to have the product resent without an answer, not customer friendly.

My dog love it

Best collar ever had quality and design!!

Spinner’s a winner

The robe is so warm and comfy the best I hav3 ever had.