Best Dog Beds to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Best Dog Beds to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Best Dog Beds to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer
The days of summer are upon us. You have the provision to save yourself from the scorching heat but your pet does not. He needs to sleep in a cold environment being properly comfortable. For that, you might need to crank up your air conditioning unit but that might not work sometimes. All your pet needs is a perfect dog bed that will offer a perfectly cozy place to snug in.

Perfect dog beds for your buddy

The experts suggest that a dog loves his bed way more than any other place. Every pet owner has a special place for his or her pets. This is why the pawed friend must have a special place to sleep too. It has been found that the dogs often end up taking the bed with the owners or the couch when there is not enough space to sleep in the summer. This is why you need this list of cool dog beds from Nandog.

·        Crown bed

Made with cuddly material and plush fabric, this bed looks like the crown of a king. It is the ideal gift for your big dog. It also comes in plush purple color. The deeper color will not look dirty. The dimension of the bed is 20 inches by 15 inches.

·        Banana bed

This is the ideal bed for medium to large size dog breeds. It looks like a giant banana and offers ample space for the dog to sleep. It comes in yellow and green color combination. Needless to mention, the fabric is easy to clean and will keep your dog cool in the summer.

·        Watermelon slice bed

Imagine a red and green color big watermelon piece in your living room! How cool will it be if it becomes the bed of your pet? The bed offers ample opening for the dog to enter and release his body heat. The magnificent color combination will elevate your interior décor too.

·        Micro Plush bed

This is a uniquely designed micro plush dog bed, fit for all breeds (medium or large). The dimension of the bed is 25 inches by 21 inches. This bed can be reversed. It comes in various colors such as turquoise, aquamarine, teal blue, olive green, orange felt, gold, brown, grayish black, tan dark, etc. This bed is ideal for the large pets as it offers ample space to snuggle and stay cool. The micro plush bed will not congest your pet. This is also made with a high-quality fabric that can be easily cleaned and dried.

·        Memory foam bed

This dog bed looks like a mattress and is made of memory foam. It means that your pet will be able to find the right position to sleep and will feel extremely comfortable. The size of the dog bed is 37 inches by 25 inches. It is fit for the larger breeds.


The cool dog beds from Nandog are the ideal choice for your furry friend in this summer. Give the best gift to your friend and let him enjoy the best sleep he can have in the cozy bed.

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