Fashionable designer dog bed Online from Nandog

Fashionable designer dog bed Online from Nandog

Fashionable designer dog bed Online from Nandog
Are you tired of your pet occupying the entire space on your bed? Do you want to free up some space on the couch? It is the right time to purchase a dog bed to give your pet a comfortable corner in the room to rest. Your pet finds your bed to be very cozy and comfy. When he will discover that he can have his own comfy corner in the room, you will be able to sleep in peace. The designer beds are the ideal ones to buy from a pet store. The designs will go with your interior and serve the purpose too.

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Designer dog beds for your pet

Show how much you care for your pet by buying a dog bed. The beds are specifically designed to impart comfort and coziness to the dog’s resting time. The designer dog bed from Nandog, the best online store, is ideal for your canine friend. Below is the glimpse of the collection the store offers to the visitors.

·        Crown bed

The best design to keep your dog cool during the summer time is the crown bed. It is an open-top design that looks like the crown of a king. The raised perimeter allows the dog to find a comfortable zone to rest. The bed is made of a soft yet durable fabric. The bed can be washed and reused. The dimension of the bed is 20 inches by 15 inches. It is an ideal bed for any small and medium sized breeds. The design comes in various colors such as purple, teal, charcoal gray, gray, pink, etc.

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·        Reversible bed

This simple bed design is made of exclusive micro-plush fabric that can be washed in a machine. The bed can be reversed and used again. The dimension of the bed is 25 inches by 21 inches. This design is recommended for the small and medium sized breeds. The bed comes in various colors such as gray/light gray, faux fur chinchilla style, lightblue/gray, etc.

·        Memory foam bed

This design is particularly made of memory foam that gets back to shape whenever the dog leaves it. It is ideal for the older dogs that cannot enter the complicated bed designs. The dimension of the bed is 37 inches by 25 inches, ideal for the medium and larger breeds. It comes in tan, dark gray, light gray, and many other colors.

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·        Blanket bed

This is a typical designer dog bed that has a blanket at the top and a shaggy base to give the ultimate comfort during the winter time. The bed comes with a dimension of 30 inches in diameter. The simple clean look is ideal for your interior also. The dogs of small and medium sized breeds will be able to keep themselves warm in the chilly days.

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