Pamper your pup with the best dog accessories from Nandog

Only a dog parent knows how to take care of the pup properly. The constant care needs a lot of different accessories to make the parenting an easy job. Apart from the different necessary items such as collars, leashes, etc, there are certain things that a parent must own to ensure that his dog is in a comfortable environment to enjoy comfort and stay happy. These accessories are a part and parcel of a dog journey in the house.
Important dog accessories you must have
It is the duty of the dog parent to make the dog’s life happier and more comfortable inside the house. They will need few things more other than the collars and leashes to enjoy every moment of their lives with you. Here is the list of dog accessories from Nandog, the renowned online store, which you need for your pet.
  • Plush toys
As every dog parent knows that a dull environment can make your dog irritated. They will try to find every single excuse to go outside and have fun. The best way to keep the furry friend engaged and extremely happy is via preparing a collection of exclusive toys designed for their merriment.
These toys are made of plush fabric. The design is made strong enough with proper stitching so that the toys can withstand the constant wearing and tearing. The comfortable fabric makes the toys a perfect companion to cuddle and snuggle. The squeaker sound makes the dog play with the toys all the time. When you are not present with your pet, it is the toys that will keep them engaged and happy for hours. The toys are normally shaped in the form of wild animals such as sloths, rabbit, camel, alpaca, raccoon, gorilla, etc. These toys are tagged as safe by the regulatory authorities for the dogs. Just remember to remove all the tags before giving them to your pet.
dog accessories
  • Designer dog beds
A dog will need his own corner in the room where he can feel safe and find comfort while taking rest. This is where the pet will need a comfortable designer bed to rest after a day of chasing squirrels and patrolling the neighborhood. These beds are made of micro plush material and also come with cushions. The dogs will find these beds extremely comfortable to rest upon. The cool beds come in various designs such as strawberry, pineapple, cupcake, watermelon, banana, etc. The conventional beds are also available in the online store. The most popular items are reversible, memory foam, blanket beds, etc. This is one of the mandatory dog accessories a parent must have to keep his pet comfortable.
  • Dog hats
The pets look really cute in the signature dog hats available from the store. The black hat along with the attires chosen for the dogs will make your pet the style diva of the neighborhood.
  • Bags
The dog bags are a necessary item in your collection. You will have to carry the favorite toy, poop bags and other important items on the go.

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